InaSAFE 1.0 Launched

End October after a heavy development sprint, the InaSAFE team (which consists of developers from around the world, funded by AUSAID and The World Bank / GFDRR) released inaSAFE 1.0 at the AMCDRR, a high level conference for disaster risk reduction in Asia. During the same event, inaSAFE was even demonstrated to the President of Indonesia.

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New Website Online

So, after a very succesful rainy weekend the long-standing project of a new website is finally reality. Thanks to this project I had the chance to check out with no client constrains what was out there to allow me doing

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Support QGIS for Android

Since September 2011, as a result of my Google Summer of Code QGIS mobile project, QGIS is available for Android. As the maintainer and main developer behind QGIS for android I’m striving to improve it as much as possible. All

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QGIS on Android using external GPS receivers

Thanks to FORNAT AG which sponsored me I could spend some time looking for solutions to make QGIS on android working with an external GPS receiver that sends NMEA strings. It all boils down to the following: via bluetooth works

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QGIS on Android gets GPS support

Lately I’ve been working on adding native GPS support to QGIS on Android, here is a short video showing how it works. A big thanks goes to the municipality of Schoten in Belgium which sponsored the development. This functionality is

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